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Assignments Vs. Opportunities | How are you figuring this out?

It has been about five years since I've taken the big leap of faith and started taking solo engagements. It has been a thrill. In getting to know me, you'll find out I am an extroverted person. Now wait, this doesn't mean I'm very loud talker, or not an observer first, or even that I am bubbly. It means I receive refueling heavily from being around people.

Here we are as a culture thinking all creatives/musicians are introverted and that even some don't actually like people. Not true! I say all of this, because I've been around so many environments as an artist, and each one teaches me a lesson. I personally still have a lot to learn with booking events, managing my time, and if an event is in my lane. I find oftentimes later; it's not my niche.

I recently was at a Sunday church service and heard a pastor by the name of Sam Hamstra talk about distractions. And learning how to discern when something is just an opportunity and when something is an assignment from God. This statement has been in my heart since that day. It gave language to me as a very needed guide for wisdom. I don't have to say yes to all opportunities that come my way. Especially the ones that cost the me the artist more money to prepare and attend, and the booker gets your crafted gift, sweat, and tears $Free.99. Let's be honest. We can spend years and years hoping for the right opportunity so we'll say yes to everything. Instead of seeking and even praying for assignments. The assignments from God will get me to my purpose much quicker than opportunities I thoughtlessly say yes to. In my opinion, when I look at the event just as an opportunity, it's easy for me to be disappointed in the outcome. However, when it's an assignment I know that even if many people didn't attend, the event was a lot different than expected I have a peace that it was still the right decision.

There's NOTHING wrong with taking opportunities, but my wonderings are, at what point do they become a distraction the God opportunities.

I haven't figured it out just yet, so I have to ask my fellow readers, friends, new homies, creatives this question, are you booking more opportunities than assignments? If so, what is the reason?

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