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Forever, Is That You?

First, welcome to my brand new website! *Cues Kanye's Homecoming* well at least the chorus and the dope piano intro that I've loved for years. It feels like I've been day dreaming for so long and working on this website that I'm a little embarrassed to say just how long ago I bought the domain. Since you asked, It's been two years but who's counting! I've been paying money and not resourcing my investment. So many hesitations, waiting until I have the perfect photos, an album to share, wanting to wait until my life is on the upward, oh wait I've gained weight let me wait some more time, and the list goes on. This has been overdue in many ways. Yet, at the same time I feel deep in my soul somehow things are right on time.

Forever, is that you pushing me out of my comfort zones, out of my pride and taking me into the next season of my life? I think it is. If you haven't caught on, forever is God, and at this point in my life I don't think He's waiting on me anymore so I am grabbing my seatbelt to buckle in because things are moving in a mysterious way that feels like home. Music and singing has always been home like my late grandmother's unmatched peach cobbler. I'm so excited for you to take this journey of adventure with me as I share my heart for the world through music, songwriting, writing, and reforming culture by growing and falling more in love with who I am. I'm an ambassador of hope, grace, good news, and the never ending creativity of God.

I don't know my future but I know who holds it poetically said by an artist/homie,

-Just Steve.

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