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Poop Or Get Off The Pot

August 1st, I'll probably never forget. Ever. It was a Sunday; I had sung at my church with our worship team. Sundays are generally pretty extensive days. It starts pretty early, like 6:30 am, and goes until 1:30. As the morning was occurring, I noticed I felt a little congested, which honestly isn't a new feeling. Depending on air quality, vocal rest, seasonal allergies, or just being out of shape, I can find myself short of breath. No biggies. As the afternoon went on, I stopped at my mother's as a good daughter would lol. While sitting there, I began to feel pretty sick and warm. Now, it is still Corona Virus times, and I had just gotten back from a work trip in Alabama three days before then, so I immediately left my mom's to avoid any potential exposure.

All testing places nearby were already booked, and by the evening, I was full-on sick. I had just had an exhilarating photoshoot to prepare for my debut single the day before. It was long-awaited. I've only daydreamed of the day when I'd finally stop having excuse after excuse and would put out a d* song. I knew with everything in me that music and singing is a love affair that was introduced to me by God. God: "Tiffany, this is Music & Singing, Music & Singing this is Tiffany. Now go and love each other forever". And I couldn't go another year, delaying it. By Monday, I went to a clinic and tested POSITIVE for COVID. According to the CDC's guidelines, I let all those involved in the photoshoot and those I sang with that Sunday know, and anyone I could think of I had been in close contact with know I tested positive. Wholistic and electric foods would be my food of choice, and I'd be back to normal in no time. It was going to be easy peasy.

If I'm frank, there was this pause for about a day. I talk with myself. "Tiffany, you've done the photoshoot, you have a goal release day, you have researched and strategically planned yourself to death, set goals, but now you have COVID. This would be a legitimate reason to postpone your release date and no one would know". Also, I knew the loved ones that I had told my date to would understand. It was a legit reason. However, I knew myself and my patterns too well. If you don't push through, you will postpone it again. "Oh, it's too close to Christmas. You can't release music too close to Christmas if it's not holiday music". "Well, look at that! it's January; work is busy at the beginning of the year," and so on and so on, and it would be 2023 and no music. I decided at that moment to go for it. I sent my release day to Distrokid (a distribution company) with no clue what was ahead. And I went full throttle.

Part 1, part 2 is coming.

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